Your Davis Family Group carport will provide top quality shelter at an affordable price; manufactured with quality Australian BlueScope steel; strong, stylish and practically maintenance-free; with all the built-in quality you’d expect from The Davis Family Group.

Choose from a flat, gable or Dutch gable roof plus a range of traditional and contemporary colour combinations to complement your home perfectly

All Davis Family Group carports have the following features.

  • Portal Frame Connector Plates
    Davis Family Group portal ridge and knee connector brackets are pressed from thick galvanised steel and are fixed through pre-punched holes with high tensile bolts to ensure the strongest possible connection.
  • Purlins and Girts
    Davis Family Group purlins and girts (the members that the roofing and wall cladding are fixed to) are fixed into the sides of the portal frame using preformed brackets. This method of fixing is not only strong but it means that you have more usable space inside your building because the portal frames are flush with the outside of your building.
  • Hold Down Brackets
    These are slotted for ease of fixing to both the portal let and to the concrete slab.
  • Skylights
    Skylights in the roof are available as an optional extra. Davis Family Group skylights provide extra natural light into your building.
  • Roof and Wall Cladding
    Davis Family Group's roof and wall cladding is rollformed from high tensile steel supplied from BHP Australia. Your roof and wall cladding can be either ZINCALUME or COLORBOND® in the a range of 10 colours.
  • Gutters and Barges
    Davis Family Group gutters and barges are rollformed in a unique profile that not only adds strength but also provides an attractive finish to your roof. Davis Family Group gutters and barges are available in a range of 7 BHP COLORBOND® colours.
    The gutter brackets fit neatly inside the gutters so that they are not visible and do not detract from the appearance of your building.
  • Flashings
    All door openings and corners are protected with COLORBOND® or ZINCALUME rollformed flashings to ensure a neat and weather tight finish. The edges of these flashings are double folded to ensure there are no exposed sharp edges.
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