In the summer months the sun can regularly heat your roof to temperatures as hot as 65 degrees. Traditional steel roofing will allow as much as 75% of this heat to pass through. Solarspan reduces the summer heat from a scorching 65 degrees to a comfortable 26 degrees on the underside. With 53% greater efficiency over traditional metal sheeting. Relax in comfort during the summer months with SolarSpan.

What is SolarSpan?
Manufactured from high tensile Colorbond steel, a solid polystyrene core up to 90mm thick, and a continuous Colorbond laminate fused to deliver one compact and durable roofing unit, Solarspan delivers unrivalled strength in a roofing panel.

Solarspan's combined laminated structure provides a roofing sheet superior in strength and durability to its competitors. This allows the widest spanned sheeting, fewer supports, and greater strength. Unlike competitor's products, fetching that stray ball or frisbee presents no worries on a SolarSpan roof.

Benefit with SolarSpan:

  • Blocks the summer heat.
  • Mildew, paint and maintenance free ceiling.
  • Deadens the noise of rain.
  • Long-lasting attractive ceiling finish.
  • Striking open ceiling spans
  • Strong and extremely durable.
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