From the traditional Queenslander to today’s contemporary style home the Stratco Outback Patio can give you that extra living space you’ve always wanted. A wide variety of design options are available to cover any area, to an impressive span of 4.5 metres and all major structural components are produced from high strength, high tensile steel. The high tensile roofing features a ceiling like underside, for great looks, and the specially fluted steel columns are coloured for strength and beauty.

The fully patented system utilises hidden or camouflaged brackets and fastenings for optimum appearance and easy installation. The Outback is a complete system, including all components, gutter, fascia and fasteners.

A variety of styles are possible with the Stratco Outback. You have a choice of an attached or freestanding unit, overhang or flush fascia, and intermediate beams. Different beam, gutter and post colours can be combined to suit individual requirements.


  • Manufactured in a choice of high gloss fashion colours.
  • Smooth ceiling like underside of roof with compact beams, gives a spacious appearance and makes cleaning easy.
  • Wide choice of layouts and sizes to suit your needs. Deck spans are a big 4.5 metres.
  • Major components are made from high tensile steel.
  • Fluted columns offer attractiveness and strength.
  • Fascia and gutter system id practical, durable, and attractive.
  • A convenient overhang is available if preferred.
  • A flush 250mm cover roof light is available as an option.
  • Available in attached or freestanding versions.

This system has been fully tested and certified by independent structural Engineers. It only uses top quality materials and leads the field in innovation, strength and flexibility of design.
To further substantiate the design, construction and superiority of the Stratco Outback, you are protected by a five year manufacturers guarantee on the materials, and when installed by an authorised distributor, a one year installation guarantee as part of the package. As it is a complete system, all components must be supplied by Stratco for the guarantee

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