What could be better than a maintenance-free exterior for your home? With Duratuff Vinyl Cladding, you'll enjoy the look of painted timber without the hassles of repairing or painting cracked, peeling or faded timber.

When you install Duratuff vinyl cladding you are not only giving your home the best possible protection against the harsh Australian climate, you are also making your home more attractive and increasing its value.

The solid vinyl weatherboards in Duratuff cladding are tested, manufactured and certified to strict Australian Standard AS/NZS 4256.4. And, for peace of mind Duratuff comes with a written 50 year guarantee.

Vinyl is now the leading cladding material, more popular than wood for new construction. Nothing beats vinyl for endurance, and vinyl requires far less maintenance than other materials.

Thousands of homeowners, remodelers and builders put their trust in Vinyl Cladding. The broad selection of profiles, finishes and colours offers an array of design possibilities for virtually any application whether it be for the home, light commercial, new construction and remodelling, contemporary or historic applications.

Before you choose cladding, apply the Tuff Test...

Q: Does the cladding permanently lock out the weather?
A: Duratuff Vinyl Cladding's unique locking system guarantees total weather protection against wild winds and driving rain. That's total security against the elements.

Q: Is the cladding genuinely maintenance free?
A: Once it's up, the only maintenance Duratuff cladding requires is an occasional hose down. Duratuff is there for life! In fact it's guaranteed in writing for 50 years.

Q: Do you have an exciting choice of colours?
A: Duratuff cladding offers you a range of permanent colours like never before. So now your home can take on a decorator look outside as well as inside.

Q: Is it crush resistant... impact resistant... accident resistant?
A: Duratuff certainly is! So the odd bump and bang won't crack, split or damage the tough vinyl surface.

Q: Does the cladding meet the highest Australian Standards?
A: The Owens Corning solid vinyl weatherboards in Duratuff cladding meet every test under Australian Standard AS/NZS 4256.4. This is your highest guarantee of a quality product.

Q: Are you protected against noise, heat and cold?
A: The fully protective CFC- free, solid foam insulation built into Duratuff Vinyl Cladding locks out the extremes of noise, heat and cold for all-round living comfort. And it's environmentally friendly.

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